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Wemmy De Maaker

Managing Director

My name is Wemmy de Maaker and I’m the founder and Managing Director of Mawaheb.

It was my dream to give young adults with special needs a voice, a voice of their own, independent and strong. I wanted their voices to be heard, listened and accepted by everyone in our society. Working towards equality for all is a goal I will never stop working towards.

I started Mawaheb from Beautiful People in October 2010. It is an art studio for the ‘Determined Ones’, those with special needs who deserve to be recognised and rewarded for their talents. We create an environment where our students are motivated and challenged to become the best they can possibly be. Through the medium of art they can explore the world and themselves to become independent, accepted and integrated members of our society.

My strongly held belief is that everyone, regardless of race, gender, nationality and perceived intelligence has the absolute right to be treated with dignity and respect. I too believe that every individual has talent and with the right encouragement and support they can fulfil their potential to become active and creative citizens. At Mawaheb, we accept and celebrate the differences of all our students – we embrace and support them, be they: wheelchair bound, hyper-active, sight or hearing impaired, traumatised, with an extra chromosome or with a different perspective. All are welcome.

We love to welcome visitors to our studio, to share our success, our talents and our stories. Everyone is always welcome at Mawaheb, please join us.

“It was my dream to build a community for those with special needs and now that community, lives and thrives through art, at Mawaheb.”