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Vincent Baur

Vincent Baur


born on: 1996
lives in: German

My name is Vincent and I was born in Germany but I live in Abu Dabi, and travel on my own to get to Mawaheb. I have so many interests, I love sport and dancing as well as art of course! Street dancing is my passion and I also love street art.

Mawaheb gives me the opportunity to express myself in so many ways, through sculpture, painting and of course dance! I even give dance demos at CSR events – helping our clients strut their stuff.

When I started at Mawaheb I was very shy and my English wasn’t so good, but now I can speak really well in another language! I have so many friends at Mawaheb and I have also been traveling with them to Japan – that was amazing. My teachers have helped me develop my artistic skills in a way that is about me and my personality. It’s a great place to be.