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Sharan Anil

Sharan Anil


born on: 1991
lives in: Indian

My name is Sharan Anil. I’m an artist at Mawaheb and I’m a Determined One. I am Indian but I’ve lived all my life in Dubai. I am one of only a few artists at Mawaheb who has a physical disability. I have a condition called Muscular Dystrophy which causes progressive weakness in all my muscles. I’ve been in a wheelchair since I was 18.

I’m a very shy person but Mawaheb has been my inspiration to live independently and fully. I have worked hard to become a motivational speaker and a disabilities advocate.

My art has transformed with my physical condition. I’m constantly adapting and finding new ways to continue my art. Currently, I use a remote control car and various gadgets to help me drop, drip and pour paint. I love action paintings and am inspired by abstract expressionists like Jackson Pollock.

My dream is to inspire people by my speeches and to excel as an artist and have a solo exhibition.

To learn more about Sharan please click on the link below to view his interview.
Sharan’s Interview