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Gulshan Kavarana

Art Teacher

The heart of my job as a mentor and teacher at Mawaheb is to release in our artists the cathartic and positive power of self-expression through art. ‘The Determined Ones’ have a resilience and tenacity that is completely inspiring; while I teach them about life skills they teach me what life is about.

Art for me is a journey, a journey which facilitates personal growth and exploration. The joy that art brings, both in its creation and its consumption is for all.  It is not just for the elite or the gifted – it is and can be life changing for everyone. At Mawaheb we aim to bring about positive change through our art.  I was always taught from an early age that when you learn you teach, but as my life continued, what I realise is, that while I teach I learn,  and there is so much to learn from our Mawaheb artists.

Through various artistic media at Mawaheb, we look at life and we look at ourselves. It is only through this process that we can all grow.  20 years ago my daughter Zara was diagnosed with a very rare genetic disorder that changed mine and my families life forever. It was, and still is the adaption to this life changing diagnosis and those of many families in the UAE,  that inspires so much of my work at Mawaheb. Our artists work extremely hard and with love, some of them having to overcome huge obstacles, be they physical or emotional. One of our jobs is to work towards the elimination of prejudice and encouraging recognition for the ‘Determined Ones’  these goals are a huge motivational force in my life.  It is all about creating confidence in our artists and from that encouragement comes, great independent artists and great art.  Greatness however,  also lies in the process of the growth of our artists which beautifully culminates with the healing strength of creativity.

“Everyone’s voice has a right to be heard and we shout loud and proud at Mawaheb.”