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ST08 – Faran Imtiaz Ahmad

Faran Imtiaz Ahmad

Pakistani, Born 1993

Faran, is the joker in the pack at Mawaheb. He has a sharp mind and looks at the world with a different perspective. He can imitate and copy accents and characters – he is quite the actor.

Faran also has a serious side and has developed his artistic skills through sculpture a medium he is well suited to.

With Alan as his mentor Faran has learnt so many skills in the construction of 3d objects. Faran says “ I am an artist at Mawaheb,  I am at home here” Without Faran’s humour, Mawaheb would just not be the same!



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17 Modigliani by FARAN IMITIAZ AHMAD17 Modigliani by FARAN IMITIAZ AHMAD
18 Modigliani by FARAN IMITIAZ AHMAD18 Modigliani by FARAN IMITIAZ AHMAD

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