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CSR Events

CSR Events

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We invite companies wishing to take an active role in promoting their corporate social responsibility programs to their employees to consider Mawaheb for a truly unique and profound experience.

CSR events allows the individual to focus on their team building skills whilst engaging in worthwhile projects that are challenging yet rewarding.

The concept behind Mawaheb is to bridge the gap between society and individuals with special needs. For a person to truly understand a person with special needs they need to spend time with them. At Mawaheb this is possible! Visitors can sit along side our artists and work together on an artwork or simply sit and have a chat with them over coffee.

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The event

Your team will work together in a fun and creative way with the Mawaheb artists on a joint artwork which will be owned by your company.

We provide

All art materials
Guidance from our art teacher


Number of participants: Max 12 people per eventCost: DHS 8,000 per event

Please contact us for further information.

Our Clients

AKI group
Akzo Nobel
Asia Capital
Chalhoub Group
DP World
Dubai Chamber
Dunkin’ Brands International DMCC


Euromonitor International PLC
General Electric
Noor Bank
S&P Global Ratings
Stephenson Harwood Middle East LLP
Turner/Cartoon Network
XL Catlin

Comments from past clients:

Spending time at Mawaheb provided a unique opportunity to work with and learn from people with challenges. It gave us an opportunity to reflect back on our business and how we cope with the challenges we face in our daily life. What we go through is nothing what our friends in Mawaheb go through in their daily life. Together we created a unique art canvas for DP World that reflects the spirit of the day we had at Mawaheb, partnership and understanding. For all of us at the event we were able to see in action what corporate, and individual responsibility means and the importance that corporates play in society and its development.

Mr. Mohammed Sharaf
CEO, Group

The realisation that you can bring happiness to people, no different to any of us in reality, by merely giving your time and attention is a reminder that all things enjoyable need not revolve around money. There is no way of knowing what you will experience unless you actually go there, words cannot adequately explain nor pictures do justice. A truly moving experience. Thank you.

Mr. Robin Windley
Senior Vice President Human Capital
DP World, Head Office

Our visit to Mawaheb art school was very enlightening. We walked in wearing our corporate hats, our heads filled with daily work challenges and thoughts of how we could improve our business and contribute to our ecosystem. Upon arrival, we were greeted by simple, genuine, loving and beautiful people. All our corporate paradigms and preconceptions dropped. We were there with them and we were all the same. It’s like going back to childhood. There was no difference between us. Many Thanks.

Mr. Yousif Almutawa
Chief Information Officer
DP World, Head Office

Before I attended the CSR event with Mawaheb, I didn’t quite know what to expect. During the day, I felt my spirit enriched by meeting the artists, teachers and volunteers who changed my perspective and reminded me about the important aspects of life. Not only are the artists talented from an artistic perspective, they were generally loving and accepting of who we were as a team and as individuals. The teachers and volunteers were nurturing, kind and genuine (something very rare to find in this day and age) It was an absolute privilege to share that day with the Mawaheb “posse” and look forward to our next instalment of art training. Oh yes, the final product will be hung proudly in our offices!

Gaj Ravichandra
Head of Business Development
SHL Middle East

Thanks again for the fantastic session we had at the Mawaheb centre with all the talented artists. It was a pleasure to meet them and work collectively on the Shell masterpiece. In summery the afternoon was inspirational, energizing and great fun, thanks the team. Wishing Mawaheb lots of success for the wonderful place it is!!

Renze Visser
Human Resources Manager New Ventures Iraq
Upstream International, Shell Iraq Petroleum Development B.V

An unforgettable experience, fun and special as are the people. I am proud to have talented artists as my friends now and I will definitely visit them again.

Thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with highly talented artists of Mawaheb. It was fun and I am amazed with the energy, talent and passion they have. They truly are BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.


Hats off to you and your team for running such a great institute. Those couple of hours we spent with the students will always be cherished by us. These kids are truly an inspiration to everyone, besides their phenomenal artistic skills, each one of us have learnt something special from them. For me, it was their unconditional love and sheer friendship, which we have somehow forgotten in this mad rush of life.

Each time I will bow my head to pray, I will always remember you all.

Regina Palmer
Corporate Banking Group
Mashreq Bank

The day spent with all the students + team was such a lovely experience.

We were happy to learn their views, thoughts and feelings. Interacting with them was so overwhelming. Their attributes and skills really surprised us specially AL (Abdulla). Great energy levels with beautiful smile on everyone’s face. Felt so comfortable and happy in their company.Thank you for such an opportunity which I will always cherish throughout.

May god bless all of them and they remain healthy and happy.

Archana Sharma
Corporate Banking Group
Mashreq Bank

Thank you for the opportunity. Everyone truly enjoyed the experience.

You and your team should be proud to be associated with a group of talented individuals such as your students, whom we spend great time with learning from them.

We were very surprised with the skills your students have and how they interact with others to ensure a message is sent across. We loved every second of the time we spend with them, so thank you for that.

Thank you again and God bless.

Huda Ismail
Manager – PR, CSR & Events, Marketing & Customer Experience
Mashreq Bank

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