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Mawaheb’s Artists

Meet our talented artists!

Mawaheb Artists

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Aarti Shah

Kenyan, Born 1993

Abdullah Lutfi

Emirati, Born 1993

Ali Al Salhi

Iraqi, Born 1966

Angelina (Ange) Lawless

British, Born 1987

Anjali Kakkar

Indian, Born 1985

Anjana Krishna

Indian, Born 1998

Asma Baker

Emirati, Born 1988

Baker Baker

Emirati, Born

Faran Imtiaz Ahmad

Pakistani, Born 1993

James Casaki

British, Born 1987

Leila Murgian

German, Born 1964

Mariam Ismail

American, Born 1996

Mumtaz Contractor

Indian, Born 1977

Namrata Pagarani

British, Born 1991

Rekha Kriplani

Indian, Born 1956

Nazeer Ali

Canadian, Born 1994

Sharan Anil

Indian, Born 1991

Vincent Baur

German, Born 1996

Vinayak Commar

Indian, Born 1993

Verano Field

British, Born 1994

Zaid Jafar

Iraqi, Born 1983

Aziz Arsiwala

Indian, Born 1988



, Born 19

Baker Baker

Emirati, Born ?

Keira Thorson

American, Born 1992

Sakshi Bankim Sanghri

Indian, Born 2000

Lea Eickemeyer

German, Born 1997

Georgina Corley

British, Born 1998


Indian, Born ?

Pierre De Lisle

French, Born 1998

Scott Irving

British, Born 1995

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